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A User-Friendly Intervention for
Practitioners Working with Anxious Children

by Dr Allison Waters and Dr Trisha Groth




Take Action teaches children aged 4-12 years helpful ways to cope with and manage anxiety. It is an evidence-based intervention combining recent advances in the cognitive-neuroscience of child anxiety with cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).

Designed for easy use by mental health and educational professionals trained in CBT, Take Action allows flexible delivery by practitioners to individuals and groups of children with anxiety. Child and parent resources can be purchased as either bound booklets or printable digital files on a CD.

The six treatment modules can be used sequentially across eight or ten weeks to provide individual or group interventions or used as stand-alone treatment guides at any time to address specific child anxiety concerns.

Take Action covers the major components of CBT including psychoeducation, somatic management, cognitive restructuring, exposure therapy, problem-solving, social skills development, strategies for being resilient, and relapse prevention and maintenance.

The word ACTION is a coping-oriented acronym used throughout the program. Children are encouraged to take action against their anxiety.

More than 450 children have completed Take Action since 2004 with research results showing that 60–80% of children are diagnosis free at the end of a group program. The program delivery continues to be assessed through questionnaires completed by parents, children and practitioners.

The program materials are designed and produced by leading psychology publisher Australian Academic Press, who have been providing quality evidence-based mental health interventions, including the former FRIENDS program, since 1987.

Ongoing updates on Take Action, including new research trials and news from users will be available via this website.


This web site is for information only. If you require treatment for anxiety you should seek professional help. In Australia, try the APS Find a Psychologist Service.

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