I was looking for the FRIENDS program so WHY AM I HERE?
The FRIENDS program is no longer published by Australian Academic Press and we are no longer hosting the friendsinfo.net website. The old website page has redirected you to this Australian Academic Press website featuring our new anxiety treatment program, Take Action.



This web site is for information only. If you require treatment for anxiety you should seek professional help. In Australia, try the APS Find a Psychologist Service.






Is anger really
ever useful?

"No" say two leading psychologists with a radical new approach to anger management.



Coming soon from Australian Academic Press

The Take Action Program:
A User-Friendly Intervention for
Practitioners Working with Anxious Children

A user-friendly guide for assessment and treatment of child anxiety for all professionals involved in the care of children. Take Action includes techniques derived from recent advances in the cognitive-neuroscience of child anxiety as well as the well established principles of effective cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). Designed for primary school aged children, the program is fully flexible, will not require any contracted training, and will be published as a combined manual and resource DVD allowing the user to print out their own workbooks and handouts and tailor-make them to requirements. Printed copies of booklets well be available separately for bulk purchase if required. Practitioners can run either a full or part program depending upon the needs of children.

Take Action was developed to assist boys and girls between four and 12 years of age. The program aims to teach children helpful ways to cope with and manage anxiety. The program is applicable to children diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder, separation anxiety disorder, social phobia and specific phobias. The word ACTION is a coping-oriented acronym used throughout the program. Children are encouraged to take action against their anxiety. This means children approach their fears and worries using the well-researched and effective strategies learnt during the program.

Further updates on Take Action will be available via this website.

Email stephen@australianacademicpress.com.au if you want to be contacted when further information on the program is available.



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